The Oscars

I watched The Oscars the other night. Like I do every year. I love movies. And Hugh Jackman was hosting! But, unlike past years, I’d only seen two movies that had been nominated for some kind of Oscar: Wall-E, The Dark Knight and Benjamin Button.

What I found the most disappointing, however, was that when they announced the nominees for Best Actor, Actress and Supporting Actor and Actress they didn’t show any clips! I find that to be the part of the Oscar ceremony I like the most. Sometimes I’ve been so impressed with a clip that I go and see the movie in the theater.

This year, however, they had past Oscar winners introduce the nominees. I have to say it was quite impressive seeing such a cornucopia of acting talent on the stage at one time, but I really missed seeing those clips.

I’d heard so much about Viola Davis’ performance in Doubt that I was really looking forward to her clip.

So, next year, I hope they go back to the clips. Being stroked by the likes of Sophia Loren or Anthony Hopkins must have been way cool for the nominees but it didn’t do much for moi.

And can someone please tell me why Natalie Portman is so gosh-darned beautiful! Just doesn’t seem fair. *grin*

I was quite touched by Heath Ledger’s family acceptance of his Oscar. You could have heard a pin drop in that place. It certainly brought a tear to my eye.

I’m busy writing, having just submitted a vampire erotica short story today and I’m currently working on a shapeshifter erotica and will be starting a new vampire story.

I know, I know but there’s been a lot of calls of late for vampire stories. And I’ve got no qualms about writing them. I love vampires!



2 Responses to The Oscars

  1. fortunesfool73 says:

    Natalie Portman is a lovely lady but someone needs to introduce her to food.

  2. jennareynolds says:

    Probably wouldn’t hurt but she looks to me as if she’s probably small-boned, like Audrey Hepburn was. So on Natalie, being underweight doesn’t look as bad as it does on women who are bigger-boned but trying to look like they’re smaller by starving themselves.

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