Tying up Loose Ends

This Friday on Sci-Fi Channel Battlestar Galactica will wrap up it’s series run.

I’ll be watching the 2-hour series finale but I have to say I have a hate/love relationship with the show. I admire some of the things they’ve done with the show in terms of the way it looks, the chances they’ve taken with the characters (no one is just black or white, they’re all shades of gray) and the fact it’s a sci-fi series when there are so few on these day.

I have a problem, however, with the fact that the darn show seems to take itself so seriously.

Yes, I realize that being the only survivors of the human race pretty much takes the bounce out of one’s step. But one of the ways I deal with stress and disaster and things going to hell in a hand basket is to joke about it. Gallows humor, I suppose you could call it. But it helps.

So, initially, I refused to watch the show. And not because I was one of those fans of the 70s version. It just didn’t appeal to me. My brother, however, was watching it and I started watching it around the third season. Which I believe is the season they were on New Caprica. Anyway, I got the prior seasons on DVD from the library and watched those.

And now, I’m waiting to watch the season finale this Friday.

However, I’m wondering if the writers/producers for Battlestar are going to pull a Sopranos. The last episode of that series, from what I understand, ended rather abruptly. (I never watched The Sopranos but I heard about the ending on the news).

Just recently, a Showtime series called The L Word, ended its series run by not revealing who had killed a main character.

There seems to be a new development of ending series—not just seasons–with stuff hanging in the balance. Some speculate that it’s being done in order to set up possible movie versions, or sequels, or even another series down the line.

I have no idea. I just know that I, myself, prefer loose ends neatly tied up. They don’t have to be tied up in a big, fat, pink “happily ever after” bow. But they do have to be tied up. I don’t like loose ends.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate an ending that suggests that the characters will go on after the series is over. But to leave questions hanging? Subplots unresolved? That’s very frustrating. At least to me.

So, me, my brother and my son are wondering just what the heck is going to happen on Friday with the crew of the Galactica, with the Cylons, and with every subplot and character question they’ve raised over the last five seasons.

I fear that there’s no way they’re going to resolve everything in just two hours. And on the Battlestar Galactica Special that was on just the other day, Ronald Moore, the series creator, said that, during the writer’s meeting for the final episode, they decided that the plot wasn’t that important. The characters were.

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! That’s a sign, at least to me, that they’re planning on not resolving some of the loose ends of the series.

We will see.


5 Responses to Tying up Loose Ends

  1. Digital Dame says:

    I never got into this series. I haven’t had cable in several years now so haven’t been able to watch, although I think I saw a couple of the early episodes. Regardless, I agree that they should tie up loose ends. If they want to do a movie later, I’m sure their writers could come up with a storyline outside of events in the series. Look how many movies Star Trek spawned, none of which related back to unfinished business in any of the ST series. It’s like the producers of BSG just got bored with it and pulled the plug. Frankly I’m surprised it lasted this long. With Bonnie Hammer helming it, it’s amazing it even launched.

  2. jennareynolds says:

    I can’t say I’m going to curl up into a fetal position if they don’t tie up loose ends in the series. 🙂

    But what struck me is this new tendency among some series that decide to wrap up of not tying the series off. Of not resolving story lines and such.

    Ron Moore already has a new series called Caprica, which is set 50 years prior to the events in Battlestar Galactica.

    I have no intention, however, on watching it. For one, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get rid of my cable and, most importantly, I’ve given Ron Moore and his crew enough hours of my life. 🙂

    I’ll finish up Battlestar on Friday and then the plug will be pulled.

  3. Lori Devoti says:

    I just watched the first show via netflicks a week ago. I thought it was good, but some things felt too calculated to me–like the blonde in the picture (can’t remember her name) she was a total cliche to me and just making her female didn’t make her not one. She needed a little more variety–I think the cigar smoking thing is what really made me groan.
    Anywho, that said I will probably watch more via Netflicks. Won’t watch the finale though. That would be like reading the end of the book first, don’t you think?

  4. jennareynolds says:

    Ah, that’s Starbuck. The one and only. I’ve had my issues with Starbuck. For one thing she comes across as a Mary Sue. Everybody LOVES Starbuck. Or if they hated her at first, they come to love her in the end. I kid you not. The cigar-smoking thing (which rapidly disappears) I think was supposed to be a reference to the fact that the original Starbuck in the 70s series—who was a man and played by Dirk Benedict—smoked a cigar. No, the cigar doesn’t stick around long. But people do drink a lot in the series. A lot!

    As for watching the finale, I would say it’s a good idea not to but only because it probably won’t make any sense. So many twists and turns have happened since the first episodes it would, more than likely, just be all-out confusing. Heck, I’ve seen all the episodes and I warrant I’ll still be confused. 🙂

    But let me know what you think of the show if you do continue to watch it. As I said there were things I liked about the show but things I had major problems with.

  5. Digital Dame says:

    The Starbuck character put me off, too, Lori. If they were going to make her the ‘tough chick’ they should have toughened her up a little more, and not have the perfectly styled hair. She should have been sporting a buzz cut or something. The cigar-smoking-warrior-cum-femme-fatale didn’t work for me. I’ve been in the military so it was really annoying for me to watch. But, that’s Hollywood. It’s all about eye candy.

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