Last Exile

Last week I finished watching all 26 episodes of the anime series Last Exile, which I had been checking out from my friendly neighborhood library.

I give it a thumbs up. But with a caveat. It wasn’t until after I went online and read up on the series that things that were unclear made sense. That’s something I’ve discovered with much of anime. I wonder if it’s just a translation problem or the way a lot of anime is written.

However, I still throughly enjoyed the series and plan, sometime in the fall or winter, perhaps, to watch it again.

It’s got action, adventure, noble quests, airships, romance, unrequited love, a dark, fierce, emotionally wounded hero (my favorite), the cutest little Chosen One imaginable and, of course, beautiful animation, intricate plotting and great characters.

I’ll admit, however, that it took a bit for me to warm up to the characters but by the end of the series I was mourning the death of characters I had come to care a lot about, cheering the well-deserved happy ending for those who survived, and hoping that two people in particular, who were perfect for each other, would get together. (Of course, darn it all, I have no idea whether these two got together, but I guess that’s what fanfic is for *grin*.)

So it’s finally May and I have new projects to work on this month. I had a story that had to be submitted by May 1st and managed to get that out in time. Yay, me. 🙂

Now back to my two drafted novellas, a short story I want to submit to yet another anthology, the final round of edits for my Ellora’s Cave novella, Sweet Spot, and prepping for my novel which I hope to start drafting this summer.

I finally, finally, finally had the breakthrough I’ve been longing for regarding this darn novel and so, with hope, it’s now full speed ahead.


4 Responses to Last Exile

  1. Amy says:

    I love Anime. Love it.

    This is definitely one I have to check out.

  2. jennareynolds says:

    The series is a tad confusing at first and even at the end I had to search out information online to understand some stuff (had to do the same thing with Neon Genesis Evangelion) but once I understood what was going I definitely want to watch it again at some point.

  3. Of the anime I’ve seen, my favorites are probably Noir, Witch Hunter Robin, and Ceres. I haven’t seen too much, but did enjoy watching it with my anime-nuts friend back in the States.

    Talk about confusing- said friend gave me volume two of Boogie Pop Phantom. Quite intriguing and cool- but definitely not something to start watching in the middle of.

  4. jennareynolds says:

    I haven’t heard of those but will put them on my list. I’m not as up on anime as I’d like to be so I’m always looking for new stuff to watch. Thanks!

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