Busy Bee

Busy, busy, busy is about all I can say about myself this seventh day into May.

Plenty of time is a luxury I don’t seem to have much of, but I do manage to at least relax here and there. And during those relaxation times I’ve gotten into a few TV shows that I call my guilty pleasures. Meaning, I hate to admit that I enjoy them (for various reasons) but I do.

I hope to blog about them at some future date.

Well, back to the grindstone. Or the pollen gathering. Or the…you get the picture I’m sure. 🙂


4 Responses to Busy Bee

  1. Lori Devoti says:

    Are you going to the May meeting?

  2. Better busy than otherwise!

  3. jennareynolds says:

    Lori: I was planning to go but still up in the air. It’s starting a bit early this time, isn’t it?

    Victoria: That’s for darn sure! 🙂

  4. Lori Devoti says:

    I won’t be there at the new early time. I may actually be late for the normal time. I have to drop dinoboy off at horsegirl’s softball practice first.

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