Red Shirts and New Trek

Good old red shirts. The security officers on the Enterprise, who, in the words of the wacky Guy from Galaxy Quest, have to die in order to show that the situation is serious.

Oh, and if your eyes are as bad as mine, the poster says “Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Ensign Ricky are beaming down to the planet. Guess who’s not coming back.”

Just a brief post this morning. My brother went to see the new Trek last night with his family. He gives it a thumbs-up. As do my two young nieces, who have declared Chris Pine as Kirk “hot”. 🙂

My brother is very discerning when it comes to movies, so I’ll go by his thumbs-up over any of your movie critics out there.

Not sure when I’ll be seeing it (hoping this weekend) but soon. So, something to look forward to.


2 Responses to Red Shirts and New Trek

  1. Digital Dame says:

    The review on CNN is positively glowing, I haven’t seen any other reviews yet. I’m looking forward to seeing it, there’s so little good SF out there. I hope this reboots the whole franchise and leads to a (GOOD) new tv series!

    Live long and prosper 😉

  2. jennareynolds says:

    I saw it last night and, after having to get used to some “changes”, I had a great time. I’m definitely ready to ship out again with this Enterprise crew. Yeah, I’m hoping this franchise not only lives long and prospers but also doesn’t screw it up as, unfortunately, can happen when creative decisions are made by the “suits”.

    And, yes, there was even a “red shirt.”

    It was so much fun to be back in space! And without all the angst and metaphysical chest-beating and hair-pulling I had to endure from a certain sci-fi series I will not name. 😉

    Here’s the NY Times Review of the movie if anyone is interested. I read it and there are no spoilers.

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