Off to Wiscon

Well, not right this moment. And actually I just have to drive down to the hotel where it’s being held. (Of course, this is the month they decided to do all this crazy road construction downtown!)

I have to go in to work today but only until around noon. I have some errands to run and then I’m going to my first panel which is on Warrior Women. Or Writing in a Recession. Haven’t decided which one to attend yet.

Trust me, if a panel is boring I have no qualms about leaving and going to another one. Sometimes the panels go waaaaaay off topic and sometimes people just don’t have anything interesting to say.

Anybody can be on a panel at Wiscon. You just have to express an interest in doing so. Doesn’t mean you’ll get assigned to it but you can at least try. Also, people can suggest topics for panels.

I thought about dragging my laptop with me and reporting in during the Con. But I’m not so sure I’m up to lugging old girl around. She’s not the lightest thing in the world. I’ve been tempted to get one of those mini-laptops. Tempted but not taking the bait. At least not yet.

Anyway, as for my writing, I did submit a short story this week and edits are nearly done on my Ellora’s Cave novella. Yay! I’m working on an erotic space opera novella and, of course, my magnum opus, my novel. *Cue the dramatic music*

And we’re nearly done with the month of May. Time marches on. *Cue the dramatic music. Again*

Umm, does anyone think that, maybe, the wrong guy won American Idol? Not dissing Kris. He’s very sweet but well, I, geez, all, who cares?

I’m thinking about the woman, Tiffany Geigel, who auditioned on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance . She was born with Spinal Thoracic Dysplasia and she was out there dancing! She was actually quite good and she certainly made me feel like I should never whine or complain about not being able to do anything again!

Tiffany Geigel’s Audtion Just cursor down for the video of her audition.


3 Responses to Off to Wiscon

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Enjoy the Con, hope there are some lively topics and good discussions. I think I’d hit the Warrior Women panel, at least to see how it goes at first.

    Can’t offer an opinion on AI, or the dancing show, never seen either one.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats on getting so much writing accomplished, and much luck with the short story submission.

    I’d go for the Warrior Woman panel, which for some reason, I figure would either be really interesting, or, totally annoy me.

    I can’t comment on AI, either. The only reason I even know about the debate is because it was front page on Yahoo.

  3. jennareynolds says:

    Thanks, DD and Gypsyscarlett. I’ll speak briefly about the con on my next post.

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