The Best Laid Plans

I had meant to get up earlier in order to write a blog post in addition to my regularly scheduled early morning writing, but, as they say, the best laid plans of mice and (wo)men. Meaning, I got up later than I had wanted.

However, I will share a couple of things I came across on CNN’s website.

First, there’s a video piece about HBO’s continuing faux-advertising for its series True Blood, which I’m assuming is back on for its second season. I don’t have HBO so have no idea but it’s interesting if nothing else as a piece about the power of advertising and the depiction of vampires in popular culture. True Blood Advertising

Then there’s the article about English supposedly getting it’s millionth word today. Millionth Word.

The English language does have the most words of any language and if you ever watched the National Spelling Bee (which I did a few weeks ago) you’d believe it. Some of the words those kids spelled I seriously questioned whether they really were words!

But at least writers have a cornucopia of words to choose from.

Speaking of writing, I am chugging along on my various writing projects. It’s still quite the challenge to squeeze the writing in between the day job and as I noted in a comment on a previous post, I do believe, especially when you work all week, that weekends need weekends, but I’m doing what I can when I can.

And it’s Hump Day! The weekend isn’t far behind. Can only hope I can truly make use of the free time away from work. If there’s any to be had. *sigh*


2 Responses to The Best Laid Plans

  1. The weekend for the weekend is a superb idea. I wish there were two Sundays. Here, most everything is closed on Sundays, making it a totally relaxing day. Perfect for writing!

  2. jennareynolds says:

    When I was a kid, all the stores were closed on Sunday. Now, a few stores here and there are closed but pretty much all the others are open but just not until around noon or so.

    So Sunday mornings before noon are pretty quiet as a result. Usually that’s when I do most of my writing on the weekend. When I’m not doing laundry.

    The coffee and breakfast shops are open early on Sunday so that’s nice and fine with me as I often go to one to write. 🙂

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