Blake Snyder

Blake Snyder died yesterday, on August 4th, of cardiac arrest. He was the author of two books on screenwriting, Save the Cat and Save the Cat Goes to the Movies.

I have read both of his books and, although they were written for screenwriters, I found them very useful for my fiction writing. My son also read his books and we often would critique movies using some of Snyder’s catch phrases, like “the Pope in the Pool” or the “Whiff of Death.”

His books were widely read and very popular. I use Snyder’s Save the Cat Beat Sheet when I plot out many of my stories.

Even if you were just a movie lover, like me, his books were fun to read.

I know Snyder will live on through his books and the people he touched and influenced. I know he made a big difference, not only in my writing, but in my enjoyment of movies. And I know I will continue to use his books in my future stories as I’m sure so many others will.

My condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues.


2 Responses to Blake Snyder

  1. Beautiful post, Jenna.

    I’ll check the links when I have some time later.

  2. jennareynolds says:

    From what I’ve heard and read (I never met him or saw him in person) he was a really great teacher and sounded like a pretty cool person. I know I really enjoyed reading his books and I am sorry he’s no longer around as I’m sure he would have written more great books on writing and I would have snatched them up as soon as they were published.

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