Sailing On

Well, I had a pity party yesterday although I invited only myself. πŸ™‚

I took time off from my writing to swallow the pain of that review I blogged about yesterday. Ouch! Yeah, it’s still a little tender.

But it’s time to move on. I’ve been bloodied. I’ve had that first bitter taste of a bad review. Well, in this case, a REALLY bad review. And I’m sure it will be the first of many to come as long as I keep writing. But it’s time to sail on now.

And that’s what I’m doing. I’ve got a submission to get out on Monday and another in about a week and at Barnes and Noble yesterday (which finally has free wireless!!!) I planned out my writing projects for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2010.

So, I’m going to keep on writing and keep on learning and do my best to, with hope, offer some reader somewhere what they’re looking for. I know I won’t please everyone (the old adage being that if you try to please everyone you wind up pleasing no one) but I do hope to find my niche someday. I’m still pretty much a neophyte when it comes to this business and this is certainly not the time to stop or start doubting myself this early in the game. πŸ™‚


6 Responses to Sailing On

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Good for you! I believe your best work is still to come anyway. We can’t start out at the top or where would we go?

  2. Patricia says:

    Make it a rule to never read reviews of your work.

  3. Digital Dame says:

    I think Patricia is right, no good can come of it. I found this quote by Chekhov that I thought was appropriate here:

    ‘I’ve been reading reviews of my stories for twenty-five years, and can’t remember a single useful point in any of them, or the slightest good advice. The only reviewer who ever made an impression on me was Skabichevsky, who prophesied that I would die drunk in the bottom of a ditch.’

    Anton Chekhov

  4. jennareynolds says:

    I love that Chekhov quote! πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Digital Dame and Patricia! I know I still have a LOT to learn about writing and I plan to keep on doing just that. Learning and writing.

    Thanks again, both of you, for your kind words and for that quote. Chekhov is an amazing writer!

  5. I think Patricia and DD have great points about not reading reviews. Though I can imagine the tempation to do so.

    Please remember Jenna, how far you’ve come in your writing. You’ve worked so hard and have so much success to show for it. Walk with your shoulders back and head straight. Be proud.

    *Chekhov rocks!*

  6. jennareynolds says:

    Thanks, again! πŸ™‚ I know some authors who don’t even read reviews and some who read every one.

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