Writing is Hard!

UPDATE: Oops. Forgot to mention. Star Trek (The Hunky Generation) will be relesed on DVD (a basic and special edition) and Blu-Ray on November 17th! Mark your calendars!


Okay, so the title of the post is what the Prophet Chuck said in an episode of Supernatural I watched last Thursday.

The episode was titled “The Monster at the End of the Book”.

Sam and Dean Winchester come across a series of novels called Supernatural that depicts their lives as demon hunters. The brothers meet the author of the books, Chuck, who tellls them he has visions of Sam and Dean then puts their adventures into his novels.

They also find out that Chuck, who is pretty much a loner, befuddled and drunk most of the time in order to deal with the excruciating headaches his visions bring on, is actually a prophet of God and that the books he’s sorta compelled to write will one day be known as the Winchester Gospels.

He even has a great line when he confronts the demon Lilith. He cries out “I am the prophet Chuck!”

Chuck says that line about writing being hard in response to Sam’s question as to whether Chuck is psychic since he’s having visions about the two brothers. Chuck says, what, are you kidding? If he were psychic he wouldn’t be writing. Writing is hard!

I hear ya!

I love the cover of the Supernatural books Chuck is writing. See how Sam and Dean are portrayed as these old-fashioned romance cover types. Doesn’t that one guy look like Fabio?

A really cute moment is when Sam and Dean go online to learn more about these Supernatural books, which they find in a bargain bin at a store as they aren’t really selling that well.

They comes across a Supernatural Fan Forum and Sam tells Dean that fans are writing slash fiction about them.

Sam then has to explain to a perplexed Dean what slash fiction is.

“Don’t they know we’re brothers?” a totally horrified Dean asks.

Yeah, really. πŸ™‚

Anyway, the show was pretty funny but also quite frightening as at the end—Sam and Dean having gone on their way—Chuck, the writer, wakes up from a dream. An angel is in his house (you see, since Chuck is a prophet of God he’s protected by an archangel and a pretty fierce one at that) but the angel in his house is just one of the foot soldiers.

Chuck tells the angel that the vision he’s just had about Sam and Dean is so horrific he’s going to go and kill himself.

The angel tells him okay, fine, but he’d only be brought back to life.

Anyway, a good show. I enjoyed it.

Since I’m done with my vampire story, I’m working on an erotic fantasy novella I had finished but which needs a bit of tweaking.

Also doing lots of research for two brand new stories I plan to write this fall.

Still can’t believe how fast this summer went! But, to be honest, I’m not much of a summer person anyway. I love Fall. I love Fall colors, the turning of the leaves, I love football, I love thick, warm sweaters and sweet candied apples, big fat pumpkins and Halloween, the smell of new books and crayon boxes (flashing back here to starting school), the cooler, drier weather.

I love Fall! πŸ™‚

Can’t say I’m that much into winter or any of the stuff associated with it. Maybe the first snow fall. That’s pretty.

I guess I wish I could live forever in a land that was autumn all the time.


5 Responses to Writing is Hard!

  1. Digital Dame says:

    I’m with you, fall could be twice as long as it is, and it still wouldn’t feel like enough for me.

    As far as Supernatural, I think they must have aired a different episode in my area. It started out with the older brother (not sure which is which) in some high-rise office building, power suit, part of some corporate empire. I couldn’t watch it all because my little antenna kept losing the signal. But yeah, with regards to the slash fiction, guys wouldn’t bat an eyelash if it was about two sisters. They’d probably like it all the more.

    And that guy on the cover totally looks like Fabio! When he was younger, anyway πŸ˜‰

  2. jennareynolds says:

    They did air that episode you’re talking about, which was titled “It’s Not a Wonderful Life” but then the station I watch it on also showed the one I talk about in the blog right after it. They’ve been showing two episodes in a row for some reason. The one you mention was pretty good. Kind of a spin on “It’s a Wonderful Life” with even an angel involved.

    Yeah, definitely when Fabio was younger. πŸ™‚

    I gotta admit I do like those Winchester boys. At some point I have to catch up on the seasons I’ve missed.

  3. The more you talk about that show, the more I’d like to see it.

    I’m a summer person because I love heat. But I do love the colors and smells of autumn.

  4. Patricia says:

    I need to see that show. That did look like Fabio on the cover!!

  5. jennareynolds says:

    I like it but I think it’s still pretty much flying under the radar in terms of exposure.

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