NaNo Day 14

Currently at 13,706 words, which puts me 9,618 words behind. I’m writing today so I should be able to shave that down a bit but I’m still behind.

However, I feel really, really good about my NaNo novel and by the end of the month, even if I haven’t gotten 50,000 words done, I think I’ll have a pretty good draft.

The thing is, it would be wiser if I were to just work on my NaNo novel but I’ve never been able to work on just one thing at a time. As a matter of fact there are two anthologies I want to submit to and both have deadlines of 2/1/10, which means I’ve gotta at least start doing some prepping right now if I hope to make those deadlines.

The important thing, however, whether doing NaNo or just writing, is to have fun.

No, seriously, I truly believe that. I mean, think about it. Writing is one of those things that, unless you’re a professional writer, like a technical writer or a reporter or a copy writer, you really don’t have to do it in the sense of you know, you have to do it or else. Especially writing fiction! Goodness knows the world’s not going to stop revolving if I decide to stop writing my stories.

Therefore, my feeling is if I’m writing I’d better be having fun doing it or what’s the point. Really.

So, yeah, writing is beaucoup hard work and sometimes I want to howl at the moon like a wolf when I get stuck on a plot point (out comes my trusty tarot deck) but I do enjoy it.

Or, trust me, I wouldn’t be putting myself through all this insanity. 🙂

Write on!


4 Responses to NaNo Day 14

  1. I’m the complete opposite. I need to work on one project at a time, otherwise my brain just whirls around in mad circles and my different stories bleed into each other.

    I’m so glad to hear that you like your NaNo novel and aren’t stressing about the word count. That’s just gravy. Look how much you’ve already accomplished this month! You have so much to be proud of.

  2. jennareynolds says:

    Thanks, Gypsyscarlett! I sometimes wish I could just focus on one project at a time but my brain just doesn’t seem to work that way. 🙂

    It’s fascinating how we all think differently and approach projects and problems in different ways.

    I did get some writing in on Sat. for NaNo novel so currently at 16,165 words but I’m in the final (I hope!) stages of revision of vampire novella. Crossing fingers it will be ready to submit on Monday!

    You’re doing really well! Great work!

  3. Lori Devoti says:

    Congrats on chugging along on Nano! Are you going to the meeting Saturday?
    I am free of kids and deadlines after tomorrow!! We will have to get together.

  4. jennareynolds says:

    Thanks, Lori! Sure, that sounds like a plan!

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