NaNo Day 23

I spent this past weekend working on my vampire novella. The one I’ve been expanding and revising the last couple of months. I finally finished it today and sent it to my editor.

So, with that, I now have five other writing projects, in various stages of development, to tackle, including my NaNo Novel. Last time I reported in about NaNo I said I was going to shoot for 35,000 words by 11/30.

However, since I focused primarily on my vampire novella this weekend and pretty much did nothing for NaNo, I’m going to revise that to 30,000 words. I’m currently at 17,913 words so even though there’s only a week remaining for NaNo, I might still be able to make it.

Vampires! Seriously, once they get their fangs into your neck they just won’t let go! πŸ™‚ But I had fun with the novella and I’m not through with vampires yet as there are vampires in my NaNo novel!

But once I’m done with my Nano novel I’ll be leaving the vamps alone for a bit. I’ve got a werewolf novella, a steampunk, and some other genres I want to explore.

This is the last full week of NaNo, which, of course, includes Thanksgiving and that unofficial American holiday, Black Friday. Hope everyone who’s still chugging along with NaNo can keep going with their word counts this final week.

Write on!


4 Responses to NaNo Day 23

  1. Terra Kent says:

    Good luck with your stories and the one submitted

  2. jennareynolds says:

    Thanks, Terra! πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats on finishing the Vamp novella; and much luck with the five stories you are working on now. I can’t wait to hear more about your werewolf story and the steampunk one. I put aside my steampunk for now, as I am concentrating on my dark suspense/supernatural novels- but that genre is so fascinating. Very curious to see what you do with it!

  4. jennareynolds says:

    Thanks, GS! I couldn’t stop thinking about the steampunk novel and I had gotten a draft down for it so I decided to go back to it. Same with the werewolf story. I have a draft but just need to revise it.

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