The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension. Or time, as I believe some scientists think of the fourth dimension. Well, for me that particular dimension seems to be speeding up.


I can’t believe that it’s already December 15th, Christmas is only 10 days away and we’re just under three weeks away from 2010!


Every time I say that, I think I’m supposed to be living on the moon and contemplating taking that 13:00 hour flight to Mars and going on that tour of Olympus Mons.

What happened? Seriously! I mean, when I was a kid, by 2010 we were supposed to have flying cars, robot servants and wearing those skimpy, gauzy little outfits that people in the future always wore in those B-level sci-fi movies of the 40s and 50s.

Sure, we’ve got techy gadgets up the yazoo that I think even the most visionary sc-if authors never thought the average person would own, but all-in-all things don’t look that different from 50 years ago.

Anyway, I seem to be having trouble staying caught up with the fourth dimension. I’m writing like crazy but still feeling like there’s not enough time to get everything I want done, done.

And, to be honest, I can only spend so much time writing. Writing really does make the old gray matter work, doesn’t it? So I have to take a break from it even when I want to keep on going or risk my brain imploding or turning to mush.

The thing is, I have a bunch of topics I want to blog about but by the time I get around to writing about those topics, I’ve spent so much time on my own writing that my mind just blanks out.

Oh, well. I’ll just do the best I can. Hopefully, at some point down the line, I can blog about more than just the fact that I’m wanting to blog about more.

But for now, it’s back to the writing grindstone.



3 Responses to The Fourth Dimension

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Yeah, where’s my jet-pack?? I remember all those old shows, “Things to Come” and so on, and there are tons of articles on “What happened to the future?” themes. Reality is slow to catch up with imagination. But hey, we have roombas now 🙂 And Japan has been hard at work on robots:

    Japan’s Latest Supermodel

    I think my brain is on hiatus as well. I’m getting little bits written daily now, but nothing like during NaNo.

  2. jennareynolds says:

    That robot looked pretty interesting. I hadn’t realized the Japanese had gone so far as to give them a near-human face like that. Of course this one cost $200,000 so no robot servant for me anytime soon. 🙂

  3. I know. 2010? It’s really hard to believe. But then, half of me is in the 19th century anyway, so…

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