Movies, Movies and more Movies

Taking a little break from writing tomorrow to go see The Princess and the Frog. The movie is set in New Orleans (which is the setting for my NaNo novel), it’s set in the Jazz Age (a favorite time period of mine) and, best of all, it’s drawn animation not computer generated animation, which is okay, mind you, but I do love the drawn animation too.

The following weekend it will be Avatar and the weekend after that Sherlock Holmes.

I’m not expecting the ground to shake or the heavens to open with Avatar,as the plot looks to be by the numbers, but I am curious to see it.

I haven’t been to the movies since Harry Potter came out this past summer so I’m overdue I think.

Plus I need to prime the writing pump, as they say. I’m currently writing a novel set in New Orleans (the setting for The Princess and the Frog), I’m going to be writing a steampunk soon and I’m also writing this month a short story set in the Victorian era (Sherlock Holmes will be great for that) and I’m also going to be writing a sci-fi romance sometime early in 2010, and Avatar may prove useful for some inspiration in that area, I think.

And I LOVE movies.

However, have they ever gotten expensive! I can’t believe our local theater is now charging $9.00 for an evening showing. $9.00! I have no doubt it’s probably higher in other cities.

Well, the theater also has what they call Early Bird specials. Go to a movie early in the morning (around nineish) and get in for $5.50. Those are the showings I will be attending. And no food. Wouldn’t want to eat anything that early in the morning anyway.


8 Responses to Movies, Movies and more Movies

  1. Digital Dame says:

    I’m looking foward to hearing your reviews of Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. Avatar looks like it has potential, Sherlock Holmes less so. I can’t say I have any interest in the latest offering from Disney. I’m pretty stingy with my movie dollars these days, I generally wait for the DVD and rent it. There is a theater that I go to occasionally that has matinee rates until around 5:00PM (although even those rates have started to climb recently), so when I do go I hit the early shows 😉

    Enjoy the break from writing!

  2. jennareynolds says:

    I’ll try to remember to post my reviews of the movies.

    I hear ya about being stingy with movie money. I used to go to movies twice a month if not once a week but not anymore. I love animation so I have to see the new Disney movie on the big screen. And I like the idea of there finally being an African-American princess to include with all of the others. Plus I’m also writing a fairy tale novella, albeit not one that Disney would ever make a movie of. 😉 So I’m trying to prime as many writing pumps as I can with my movie selections these upcoming weeks.

    More than like, after I see these three movies I won’t be going to the movies again for another six months. Although I do want to see The Wolfman so I have that on my list of must-see movies.

  3. I prefer hand drawn animation over computer. I just heard about the film, “Sound of the Sea”. Really want to see it from the description on TCM’s blog.

    It’s number 8 on their list here:

  4. jennareynolds says:

    That does sound like a great movie. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found the characters in the computer-generated movie version of Polar Express creepy. There was just something about those dead eyes of theirs. I’ve never been able to finish that movie for that reason.

  5. Digital Dame says:

    I haven’t seen Polar Express, and I’m thinking now I’m glad 😉 It’ll be interesting to see how you like the mo-cap CGI used in Avatar. I think the reviewer at the TCM blog called it the “low-end” of animation. It’s been hyped to death, but from the clips I’ve seen, looks like pretty standard CGI to me (at least the aliens did, some of the other shots of the space ship looked good). I don’t think the ability to make CGI replicate life is quite there yet.

  6. Lori Devoti says:

    Missed you at the party today!!

  7. Thus far I have no interest in Avatar. When the only thing I hear about a film is its special effects, that’s usually a sure bet it’s not my cuppa tea.

    Regarding computer animated films, I did love, Ratatouille. But that had such a great story.

    Never saw Polar Express.

  8. jennareynolds says:

    DD: I’ll let you know when I finally see it. My brother saw it and said the story is pretty much Dances with Wolves set in space, beat for beat, but he did like the visual effects, said they were stunning, and overall he did enjoy the movie. And my brother is VERY choosy about his movies.

    Lori: Hope you guys had fun!

    GS: Yep, there has been a lot of hype about Avatar but since my brother (whose opinions of movies I implicitly trust) saw it and liked it, I definitely plan to see it.

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