Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone enjoys New Year’s Eve and has a Happy and Prosperous 2010!

Okay, so I had written this rather long review of both Avatar and District 9, but after having cruised about the Internet and read articles and comments and blog posts about both movies that ranged from the profound and thought-provoking to the asinine and ridiculous, I’ve decided just to say this.

I liked Avatar. A lot. I enjoyed seeing it in 3D and I hope to see it again as I’d like to share the experience of viewing it with others.

I liked District 9. A lot. I enjoyed watching it on DVD and I hope to purchase it at some point.

I think the reason I decided not to post my more extensive review is because I did not want to add to what has already been said about both these movies as each has stirred up quite a lot of controversy.

And, in all honesty, I’m weary of controversies, conspiracies and allegedly nefarious agendas by whatever powers that be that are purportedly trying to degrade or destroy or obliterate whatever ideology or beliefs such and such a group hold. And that goes for the ideology and/or beliefs of those on both the Left and the Right.

Seriously, can’t we all just get along!

So I will say this about Avatar and District 9. I thought both, in their respective ways, were examples of what movies do best. Both of them emotionally engaged me, both of them took me to worlds I had never experienced and both of them, by the time the credits started to roll, left me with a rather substantial lump in my throat.


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