Deep Freeze and Alien Sex

It appears that 2/3 of the population of the USA are experiencing some sort of deep freeze. Whether from bitterly cold temps or tons of snow.

Here we’re going to get snow, then bitter cold again and then—YES!— a warm up back to the low 30s! Wow, that’s going to feel practically balmy. 🙂

However, before that happens we’re getting snow today. Possibly about nine or so inches before it’s all over. 😦

I’m in revision mode on my short story and drafting mode on novella. I need to submit my short story next week and novella the end of this month.

For anyone who saw Avatar, apparently the full love scene between Jake and Neteryi (and I hope that’s not a spoiler for anyone) will be on the DVD. Cameron cut the scene to keep the rating at PG-13, which I kinda figured he did. But if you noted in the movie that the Na’vi use their queues to synch with the animals and plant life on Pandora, you can imagine (if you care to, that is) how they use their queues during mating.

Personally, I find watching people make love on huge screens with blasting surround-sound a bit unnerving and over the years I’ve noticed that, except for some hard-core action flicks (and even not so much in those anymore), movies don’t have anywhere near the amount of explicit sex they used to have. Cable TV sure does, but movies not so much. For one thing, PG-13 ratings nowadays usually spell bigger box offices as opposed to R rated movies.

As for alien sex, a couple of years back I went to a panel discussion at Wiscon on alien sex. That is, creating sexual practices for your alien characters. It was a fun discussion as the panelists and the audience discussed myriad ways to imagine and write about mating practices for the aliens in one’s stories.

Most of the suggestions for doing so advised writers to look at the sexual behavior of creatures here on earth and extrapolate from that. When I have more time, I think I’ll do a blog post on that very thing. I’m doing a lot of thinking and reading about world-building. Creating races and species and their cultures for fantasy or SF is very important when creating a brand new world that you want to immerse your reader in.


7 Responses to Deep Freeze and Alien Sex

  1. I think you win for best blogpost title of the day.

  2. Jenna Reynolds says:

    LOL! I can assure you it was quite unintentional that title. 🙂

  3. Digital Dame says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to segue from one to the next… 😉

    We’ve been lucky out here, still mild. We’re miraculously seeing some sun today as well.

    I’m a sci-fi fan from way back, and I have to say I don’t recall a lot of alien mating behaviors being detailed in the past. Is this a new trend, or is it part of a sub-genre of sci-fi, in the alien romance dept kind of stuff?

  4. bigwords88 says:

    Digital Dame – The descriptions of alien mating rituals isn’t a sub-genre per se, but a few people trying, with mixed results, to emulate real-world biology. Pick up a few books with anthropomorphic characters (maybe even Watership Down, though I can’t remember if that had a love scene as such) and you’ll find the roots of this movement

    Which reminds me to get Fritz The Cat on DVD…

    Avatar, despite the horrendous amount of money it cost, doesn’t seem to be pushing any boundaries save for the technical and financial. There is a decided lack of soul in the entire project, from the script down to the advertising. Now, I have been accused of cynicism when it comes to a lot of new films, but this really pushes all my buttons…

    By the way, it’s so cold in Scotland that it actually hurts to go outside. Just in case anyone wants to compare how cold they are. 😀

  5. Jenna Reynolds says:

    DD: Well, Circlet Press, specializes in erotica SF and fantasy, so I suppose you could say that it’s a subgenre in that sense. I’m also a SF fan from way back so at first, back in the day, nah, there wasn’t a lot of sex in SF but like with anything, especially during the late 60s, sex started to creep into SF.

    In romantic erotica, oh yeah, alien mating practices are a big thing for those who write the erotic SF. I also think that when people are creating aliens for their stories, whether erotica or not, there’s a sense that since these aliens have to appear as “real” as possible and sex is a part of life, mating rituals and customs are also included in the world-building. In the panel I went to (unfortunately I can’t remember everything that was discussed and can’t find my notes) it was thought, for example, that gender roles and the whys and wherefores of sex were excellent ways to express character and create conflict.

    If you want to read a really interesting book on that very thing, check out The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.

    Not sure if that answered your questions but I would say that perhaps not all SF and fantasy authors are as concerned or even writing about the mating practices of their alien characters but many are. Moi included.

    BigWords88: Well, I’m going to go out on a rather precarious limb and say that I liked Avatar. A lot. I guess it pushed all the right buttons for me, but as I know the movie isn’t sitting right with others, I’ve basically just avoided discussing it because I think it’s like a lot of things.

    Either you like it or you don’t.

    I happened to like it. I agree, plot and character-wise, nothing groundbreaking, but sometimes I don’t need or even want that in a movie. Sometimes I just want the experience. And Avatar gave me that. So I’m going to leave it that 🙂

    We get that kind of cold here too. We’re not that far from the Canadian border relatively speaking and we got a lot of that brutal Arctic air sweeping down.

  6. If you ever write a sci-fi erotica story, you should definitely use this post’s title. It’s great. 😉

  7. Jenna Reynolds says:

    Actually, I will be working on a sci-fi erotica in February and some novellas in the spring. I really was just trying to cover all the topics in my post. 🙂

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