Snow Crystals

I know the following is not going to be much comfort to the millions of people affected by the Blizzards of 2010. We get a lot of snow in these parts but I can’t even imagine getting out from under more than two feet of snow.

No, actually I can, because we’ve had some pretty bad snowstoms around here. I just don’t want to imagine it because it’s not a pleasant memory.

I do hope that everyone affected by these monster snow storms stays safe, keeps warm and that a heat wave comes soon and melts all that snow.

But not too quickly, because then you’d have flooding to deal with and that’s a whole ‘nother set of woes.

But I did want to share this. Last night I was watching the news and they started talking about snow crystals and recommended the following site to go to. Snowcrystals.Com.

I remember as a kid when I learned that within those huge mounds of cold, white stuff I had to trudge through to get to school were these tiny, tiny crystals that were so incredibly beautiful. They looked to me like something tiny, tiny fairies had made with their tiny, tiny hands.

But this was Nature! Nature had created these lovely, delicate jewels. And it was actually all very scientific, having to do with oxygen and hydrogen molecules and such. You can read about it at the website. And see more pics of snow crystals and even a movie of a crystal forming.

Just wanted to share it because thought it was all kinda cool and those snow crystals are really lovely. πŸ™‚

Despite the frustrating and undeniable fact, of course, that when there are billions or perhaps trillions of them preventing you from getting to work or to school or to the grocery store to get formula for the baby, they are anything but lovely.

Trust me, I feel your pain!


2 Responses to Snow Crystals

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Those crystals are breathtaking, truly. They never cease to amaze me when I see these close-ups. However, all things in moderation, eh? πŸ˜‰

    And out here in the Pacific NW we’ve had a very, very mild winter. Let’s hope that doesn’t herald a hotter than normal summer.

  2. Jenna Reynolds says:

    Yes, definitely agree. Too much of anything is usually not a good thing. Even beauty.

    I’m really amazed at the way some things work in the universe. Snow crystals, fractals, the way stars are formed. Fascinating stuff!

    Our winter, so far, has been pretty normal. Meaning snowy. A few years ago, however, we were having these incredibly mild winters. Hardly any snow and unseasonably mild temps. Then, wham!, the winter of 2007-08 arrived and we got hit with over 100 inches of snow and the past two winters have been more like those winters of yesteryore. πŸ™‚

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