Congrats to a Good Friend!

Yesterday, my good friend and writing pal, Joely Sue Burkhart, shared with me some very exciting news!

Now, I’ve known Joely since 2004 when I happened to answer a question she’d had on a Yahoo loop about a writing contest. And since then we’ve been traveling along what we like to think of as our journey to Mount Doom.

Kinda similar to Frodo and Sam’s journey in The Lord of the Rings. Except the object of our quest was not to destroy the One Ring but to get our hands on that brass ring of success.

And here we are, 2010, and we’re still trudging along. But stopping every now and then to raise a cup and sing a song. We’ve both had our ups and downs, disappointments and accomplishments. And through it all Joely has been a good, good friend and I honestly can say I wouldn’t have gotten very far regarding my writing or even have stayed on track with it without her support and friendship.

So, when she emailed me to tell me that the novel she has labored on for so long, a romance that incorporates Mayan mythology, had been accepted by Angela James at Carina Press, trust me, if I’d had a champagne bottle and if we didn’t happen to live miles away from each other, we’d have been toasting away.

So, major congratulations, Joely! And here’s to many more!

Joely was kind enough to provide me with a blurb of her novel. I know I’m looking forward to reading it.

Called “Ruin” because he destroyed his entire civilization, the Gatekeeper is sworn to kill anyone who tampers with the Bloodgates, which are portals to the mystical realms of the Maya gods. After countless centuries, he believes his curse will end with the current calendar cycle — until humans discover the ruins of his city on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and unbury the last copy of a codex detailing his magic.

When Dr. Jaid Merritt’s partial translation of the codex accidentally sends her father to Xibalba through one of these Bloodgates and releases demons from the Maya hell, the “Un-Indiana Jones” is forced to face her fears and travel to Guatemala on her first dig in twenty years.

To save her father, Jaid must survive the Gatekeeper’s wrath and help Ruin reclaim — and relock — the Bloodgates before the bowels of Xibalba empty into our world.


4 Responses to Congrats to a Good Friend!

  1. Sherri says:

    Thanks for the blurb. I’m so excited for Joely too, I know she’s gone through some hell with this one so it’s extra special that this happened.

  2. joely says:

    Oh, Jenna, hugs to you. I would not have made it this far to Mount Doom without your steadfast support and friendship! Oh, and I love love love that bit of art!

  3. Jenna Reynolds says:

    Sherri: And thanks to Joely for providing it. 🙂

    Joely: You’re very welcome, good friend. As Sherri noted, it’s been a long journey for Ruin. I remember when you first started working on the novel, so I’m so glad he and his story found a home. Congrats again! 🙂

  4. Lori Devoti says:

    Congrats, Joely! 🙂

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