Tarot and Writing Workshop

June 20, 2010

I must say, getting back to working full-time is proving quite the experience. Having to do errands on the weekends. Squeezing in my writing during the week.

I get up around 4:30 a.m. in the mornings to write during the week. Of course I get really sleepy in the evenings but I prefer writing in the morning when I’m still fresh and have not been “corrupted” by all the attendant “slings and arrows” of everyday life in the 21st century.

As a result, I’m still making progress on my writing goals. As a matter of fact, once I log off the internet I’ve got edits to do today for Ellora’s Cave and a short story to finish and start revising.

I posted the following over at my Tarot and Writing Yahoo Group site. It’s about the tarot workshop I did at Wiscon.

The workshop was held on Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. I initially didn’t think many would show up due to the late-night and into the early-morning partying that goes on at Wiscon on Friday night. But the room was full (although it wasn’t a terribly big room to start).

Basically, I went over the handout of the workshop which you can find in the files at the website. I talked about how when it comes to using the Tarot for writing, there are no rules. That the beauty of using Tarot is that you can and should make up your own rules.

The point of using Tarot for creative writing is to get past preconceptions, to get out of a creative rut, to look at your story and possibly yourself in a new way.

Tarot cards are a mental shortcut to your unconscious. They allow you to tap into ideas that are swimming just beneath the surface of your conscious thoughts. What’s on the surface can, in a sense, be polluted with all that everyday stuff we all have to deal with. Our jobs, family issues, being bombarded with voices coming at us from every direction. It can be hard to break through all that and get to the wellspring of your creativity.

Tarot can help you do that. I find when I lay out the cards that I immediately get calmer and I began to shut out the noise and cacophony and focus on my inner self. Once that’s done I can then quiet my mind and find the answer to whatever creative problem I’m dealing with.

I advised the workshop attendees to try and use different Tarot decks if they had them. To even mix it up. Writing a dark Gothic vampire? Use a light, airy deck. Writing a romantic comedy? Use a dark, horror deck.

Don’t censor your thoughts when it comes to using the Tarot. Whatever feels right do it! Seriously. The spread worksheets I provided are only the beginning. Create your own spreads unique to your writing process or your writing topics.

Mix up decks. Use one deck just for the Major Arcana and another for the Minor.

Read books on the Tarot. Join forums. Read with others.

During the workshop as a group we had a lot of fun brainstorming not only a character for a sci-fi mystery-adventure, but a plot for her too. I had never done a group brainstorming session with Tarot but if you’re in a writer’s group I highly recommend it.

I also did an impromptu workshop that following Monday morning in a coffee shop. There were only a handful of us but just pulling the Magician card and coming up with the description of “a rebellious librarian” we managed to plot out a pretty interesting high-fantasy novel.

So, yes, definitely work with others (can just be your writing partner and you) but using Tarot can work just as well when you’re alone. As a matter of fact, that’s how I see it. As a pull it out of your pocket and brainstorm on your own kind of tool.

I’m currently stuck on a plot point for a short story and will be pulling out my deck later in the day to see if I can find a solution to it.

Please feel free to join the Yahoo Groups, Tarot and Writing, if you’d like to learn more.

Tarot and Writing


Tarot Workshop Recap

June 11, 2010

I’m pretty much over my really nasty cold. Thank goodness. I hate being sick! And it wasn’t fun being sick my first week at new job.

There’s a huge learning curve for my new job, however, so when I get home in the evening I’m pretty much wiped. And any spare time I have goes toward my writing.

Speaking of, I’m nearly done with edits for vampire novella for EC and release date will be forthcoming. Starting edits for erotic fantasy novella for EC, working on a short erotica sci-fi for an anthology call, working on another under-the-wraps-for-now project, which I will be talking about down the line, and revising and hoping to submit soon a novel I wrote many moons ago but need to get out in order to start making the submissions rounds. And I’ve got writing projects in holding patterns after that! And, last but not least, worldbuilding for a SF romance novel I hope to start writing later this year.

Because my free time is once again limited and in order to be more efficient, if anyone is interested in the recap of my Tarot and Writing workshop at Wiscon, I will be doing it at my yahoo groups appropriately titled Tarot and Writing.

I’m hoping to do it sometime this upcoming Sunday but if I’m unable to because of time constraints I will recap the workshop the weekend of June 19-20th.

And if anyone can tell me what deck that Star card is from, I’d be eternally grateful. I found it on the Internet but have no idea what deck it came from.

Sick and Tired

June 3, 2010

Started new full-time job this week and then caught really bad cold. That’s why I’m sick and tired.

Will do recap of Tarot Workshop at Wiscon when I’m not so tired and not so sick. 🙂