Jenna Reynolds writes paranormal, erotic, futuristic, mystery and romantic fiction.

She also writes short erotic fiction under the name Anna Black.

She physically reside somewhere in the Midwest, but in her imagination she has worked in an elegant brothel in the distant future on a faraway planet, ventured deep into the darkness of a vampire’s dungeon and raced across the golden plains of the Old West.

She plans to take even more exotic and exciting trips in the future.

Her blog can be found here: Jenna’s Journal

Jenna Reynolds/Anna Black’s Bibliography

    Written under the name Jenna Reynolds

Title: “The Emissary”
Name of Anthology: Ellora’s Cavemen: Jewels of the Nile – Volume I
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Title: Sweet Spot – Erotic Contemporary
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Title: Madison Avenue Vampire – Erotic Paranormal (Forthcoming)
Publisher – Ellora’s Cave

Title: Kiss of Honor – Erotic Fantasy (Forthcoming)
Publisher – Ellora’s Cave

    Written under the name Anna Black

Title: “The Cowboy and the Schoolmarm”
Name of Anthology: The MILF Anthology
Editors: Cecilia Tan and Lori Perkins
Publisher: Blue Moon

Title: “The Branding of Miss Charlotte Babington”
Name of Anthology: Cowboy Lover: Erotic Stories of the Wild West
Editors: Cecilia Tan and Lori Perkins
Publisher: Thunder’s Mouth Press

Title: “Emma’s Cricket Lesson”
Name of Anthology: Honey Flava
Editor: Zane
Publisher: Atira Books: Simon & Schuster

Title: “Bread and Roses”
Name of Anthology: Purple Panties
Editor: Zane
Publisher: Atira Books: Simon & Schuster

Title: “The Pair of Tongs”
Name of Anthology: The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra
Editor: Maxim Jakubowski
Publisher: Running Press

Title: “Equlibrium”
Name of Anthology: Hurts So Good: Unrestrained Erotica
Editor: Alison Tyler
Publisher: Cleis Press

Title: “The 69th Element”
Name of Anthology: Experimental: An Anthology on Sex and Science
Editor: Jamaica Layne
Publisher: Ravenous Romance

Title: “The Salsa Connection”
Name of Anthology: Sensuality: Caramel Flava II
Editor: Zane
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Title: “The Temptation of Mlle Doucette”
Name of Anthology: The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica
Editor: D. L. King
Publisher: Cleis Press

Title: “Elementary, My Dear Sir” (Forthcoming)
Name of Anthology: Spank!
Editor: D. L. King
Publisher: Logical-Lust


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