Transformative Sex Panel

May 15, 2010

Just a heads up that I’m going to be a guest speaker at Coyote Con on Saturday, May 22nd at 1PM EST on the Transformative Sex panel, along with
Teresa Wymore, David Sklar, and Joely Sue Burkhart.

The idea for the panel came from a post that Joely did earlier this year about how sex can be used to further both the plot and your character’s journey through the story.

To attend any of the chats at Coytoe Con you have to be registered but registration is free and you can do that here

All the chat sessions are held over the weekends and I’ve attended a few and I’ve been impressed with the quality of the chats. I’m hoping this will become an annual event.

If you’ve missed chats, on this page you’ll find the transcripts. Some of the chats have been on artificial intelligence and sex, costumes in fiction, creating religions and worlds, etc. Check it out!

I’ve finally started draft of 4,500 word short story I want to submit at the end of the month. And I’m getting ready for Wiscon which is now only two weeks away! Creating worksheets for Tarot Workshop, mulling over structure and topics for panel I’m moderating, etc, etc, etc.

Again, where is the darn time going! May 15th!?! Really!?! Already!?!


News and more news…

April 28, 2010

Wow, hadn’t realized it’s been over two week since my last crazy post. The one where I was screaming my head off.

I’ve got some news to share, so here goes.

First off, I received confirmation from editor D. L. King that my short story “Elementary, My Dear Sir”, will be in the upcoming anthology called Spank! It will be released sometime in the fall.

Next, I’m participating in the first annual Coyote Con. It’s a 31 day digital conference for writers of speculative fiction. I’ll be participating on May 22nd in a chat on Transformative Sex with Joely Sue Burkhart, Teresa Wymore and David Sklar under my other nom de plume, Anna Black.

Registration is free and you can sign up at the website.

In conjunction with Coyote Con, my friend Joely Sue Burkhart is hosting MayNoWriMo. What’s great about MayNoWriMo is that you can set ANY goal you want for the month of May.

So if all you want to do for May is finish a short story or write a synopsis or write 100 words a day, you set the goal. There will be prizes and the yahoo group is already becoming a very lively place to hang out at.

My MayNoWriMo goal is to finish and submit a 4,500 word short story.

Okay, next is Wiscon. (May 28 – May 31st). I’m all signed up for that and I’m going to be on three panels, do a reading from one of my vampire stories and put on my tarot and writing workshop. So I’ll be spending May getting ready for that.

And I’m still working on edits for Ellora’s Cave for the two novellas that will be coming out soon. Plus I’m working on other writing projects. And I’m starting a new job on Monday. So May is going to be a crazy but fun month. At least I hope it’s fun.

I’ve been watching quite a few movies I had hoped to blog about but I’m afraid I’ll have to save those for another time.

I’m planning on using my blog to keep track of my progress during May because not only am I doing MayNoWriMo, I’ve set myself a weight-loss goal for May.

Anyway, that’s the news and updates for now. May 1st is this coming Saturday so I need to get cracking.

Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention. I didn’t finish Script Frenzy. 😦 I had to work on edits all during April and that was not the month to be trying something new like writing a script. But there’s always next year. I learned a lot, however, and I don’t regret the time, albeit brief as it was, I spent in the world of scriptwriting. 🙂

Okay, gotta run!

Ciao for now!