Writing Movies and Wonder Woman

April 5, 2010

Okay, so got first nine pages of script done. However, made the mistake of going to Script Frenzy forums.

Darn it! Some people are already done with their scripts! I mean, yeah, the scriptwriting format is a lot of blank space, but, wow, amazing that some people are already done.

But hey, that’s cool. Good for them. I’m not doing Script Frenzy as a competition or even as a way to start a new career as a screenwriter. It’s an experiment. And it’s proving quite interesting. The focus in a script is on action and dialogue.

Sp you can only write what an audience would see on the screen. And, since a page of script is roughly equal to a minute of screen time, I’m nine minutes into my movie!

However, at the rate I’m going, I won’t be done with my 100 pages until the end of Script Frenzy, which is April 30th. (I’m also working on some other writing projects). Well, as long as I get those 100 pages done I’ll be a happy camper.

Although this applies to screenwriters, I think some of the things said in this clip are applicable to ALL writers.

Over the weekend watched the animated movie Wonder Woman, which I got from the library.

It was pretty good. Another origin story for Diana, Amazon Princess, but an interesting one. And Nathan Fillion (aka Rick Castle on ABC’s Castle and Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly) did the voice of ace pilot, Steve Trevor, and Diana’s love interest.

I really want that lasso of truth! And the bullet deflecting bracelets. And the invisible plane. And the ability to kick some serious ass and look amazing while doing it. 🙂


Checking In Again

March 28, 2010

Hadn’t realized a week has gone by since my last post. Been very busy with both writing and day-to-day living stuff.

I started drafting my cowboy ménage à trois. I should be finished with it by the end of April if not sooner. It’s proving quite interesting to write as it’s the emotional dynamics of the two men and the woman that I’m finding fascinating.

I’m still prepping for Script Frenzy, which is only four days away! Which means, also, it will be April 1st in just four days. Which means time is flying again! The first quarter of 2010 is nearly over!

I’m going to Wiscon. I’ve signed up for some panels and I’ll be doing my Tarot for Writers workshop. I’m looking forward to that.

I watched Vicky Christina Barcelona the other day.

It was a gorgeous movie with a gorgeous backdrop—Barcelona—and gorgeous actors, such as Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johansson. It was enjoyable, although I have to admit, I was enjoying the breathtaking scenery, the beautiful Spanish architecture and the haunting strains of the Spanish guitar more than the actual plot. It was strangely narrated, too, as if someone was doing a reading of the story at a bookstore or something.

I thought it was going to be a lot sexier than it was. It has a ménage à trois which involves Cruz, Bardem and Johansson, but their threesome is pretty tame, IMHO. It’s a Woody Allen movie so there are plenty of neuroses to go around among all its characters.

I really thought that with such a sensual, sexy cast and being set in Spain—in summer no less—there would have been a lot more heat. You know? 🙂

Anywho, I have to get back to my edits, my drafting, my prepping, my worldbuilding and, of course, my sundry non-writing activities that make up day-to-day life in 21st century America.

Ciao for now!